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Binance BNB token passed a $30 valuation this week for the

No way. He held out and didn’t play. He wasn’t going out there as a top pick and putting up RB3 numbers like Saquon is. Milenkovic another tall dude, but this time he plays for a 16th place fiorentina side, so we could use the a bigger club than youre at without being too optimistic. Idk if it means anything but they were bought by comisso an American billionaire who may not want to sell a young player he could build around, but idk he may be the silent type. _.

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Also I’m not sure where Green is physically or if he’s even playing (per recent source that he wasn’t seen on practice field during media participation) Coach Harbaugh has said he will game plan AJ. Also, we their O Like struggling mightily, Cordy Glenn coming back should help but without a strong efficient run game that won’t open up the passing game. All signs point to sitting Green at least until we see where he’s at.

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